Sunday, June 01, 2014

Improving as a Blogger

Blogging allows everyone to create an online space to express their opinions or teach people about their area of expertise. Whether you are looking to improve traffic and earnings, or just entertain your friends, spend a little time improving your skills as a blogger. Your readers will appreciate it! Here are a few easy tips to get things moving.

Think about the goals you have for your blog. Many bloggers don't consider what their aims are before starting to write. Make a list of what you want to accomplish. Are you in it for the money, to express an opinion, or to keep in touch with the people in your life? Knowing what you want to do can help you find the best path to get there.

Surf over to some of your favorite blogs, and read them with a critical eye. Try to understand what makes them so appealing to you. Often, people prefer to write the same things that they enjoy reading. Are your favorite blogs humorous, educational, sarcastic, or practical? Are there any topics you regularly read about?

Find a unifying theme or tone for your blog. If you are going to focus on a single subject, make sure it is one that you can sustain over time. Will you run out of material in a few weeks? If you want to write on multiple topics, try using one particular style or tone. This will give a consistency to your posts.

Update your blog on a regular basis. While excessive updates can sometimes irritate a reader, not posting at all will make your blog look abandoned. Shoot for at least weekly updates and remember that quality is more important than quality. A weekly post that is well written and thought out will retain more readers than a daily post riddled with grammatical errors and containing little new content. Try including links to source information with your posts - they only take a little time to find, and can back up your opinions.

Find a trustworthy proofreader! It is easy to overlook your own typos and misplaced commas. A friend with a fresh pair of eyes can uncover these small mistakes. Obvious errors will make your blog look less professional (or give your friends fodder to tease you with). And please, avoid leetspeak unless you are writing exclusively for an audience of friends.

Reply to comments and encourage discussion. Asking questions at the end of posts can get your readers involved in the topics. A great blog is a community activity. Often, good comments can spark ideas for future posts as well.

Remember that practice makes perfect. As you continue to develop your blog and your writing style, your posts will improve. Do your best whenever you have an opportunity to write. Even a quick reply on a message board is a way to practice your grammar or style. Make writing a natural process.

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