Tuesday, June 03, 2014

How to Get More Pageviews

Earning money on Helium is based on several factors, including quality, traffic, and advertiser interest. Finding appropriate locations to link to your articles is one of the best strategies to increase your earnings. The more page views that you accrue, the more earnings that you will see.

Before Starting

Before you begin a traffic campaign, check out your existing articles. Make sure they are your best possible work. We all learn and grow as writers, so you may spot areas to improve older articles. Carefully proofread your work for errors that are not caught by the spell check. Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the set of techniques used to help your articles rank high on search engines. Learning about these strategies can help build even more incoming traffic than links and self promotion can.

Websites and Blogs

The easiest places to begin are with personal websites and blogs. If you post something on your blog that relates to an article that you have written, add a link! Having good content with your links will encourage more people to click and help build your readership. Even a personal website should not contain only promotional links. Give people a reason to want to click. Posting the first paragraph of your article followed by the link may entice more people to visit.

Forums and Message Boards

If you are a member of a forum that allows personal links in signatures, add one. You can also link to your author profile from any forum profiles. Depending on the forum guidelines, if you are an active member you may be able to link to your relevant articles in a post. Make sure that it is a useful contribution to the discussion, however. Remember to never spam your link or join forums just to promote your work.

Social Networking

Don't forget to add links to your social media pages. Not only will you gain some traffic, but some of your friends may become regular readers. Invite those members, and you will earn a bonus from them as well. There are so many social media options that you probably already have a few that you like.  Try creating a Facebook page for your website or use Tumblr to share an image that connects to one of your articles.  Use the sites you enjoy and you will have the best results.

Social Bookmarking

Another option for website promotion is social bookmarking. These sites, including Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, all encourage users to post interesting links that they find. The key to using social bookmarking for self-promotion is to do it sparingly. Only join these websites if you want to participate. Post great stuff that you find around the web, read the submissions of others, and comment on what you like. If you only post your own articles, you will find that you get little traffic (or end up banned).

Academic Websites

Getting your article linked to on academic, corporate, news or popular websites can be a huge advantage, though difficult to accomplish. Make sure your articles are of high quality and relevant, and that your layout is professional.

Continue to build your number of well-written articles and link as appropriate. You may start to find that your articles are linked to on websites you have no affiliation with if your content is useful. Then watch your earnings grow.

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