Monday, May 26, 2014

The Importance of Quality Writing Online

Anyone who has spent a little time surfing blogs has noticed the declining quality of writing on the internet. Sometimes it seems that the entire English language is in decline. That begs the question, why is it necessary to post well-written content online?

Writing quality content for your website or blog can help improve readership. If a potential reader finds your site difficult to read because of grammar and spelling errors, it is unlikely that they will come back. A website that presents content in an attractive format with no obvious mistakes is more likely to retain readers.

Give the visitors something to come back for with your content. Have a consistent style or subject matter on your blog or website. Pick a focus that you can write about on a regular basis and become a resource for. No matter what your passion, you can put your opinions out there. Try to find one special "hook" for your subject matter - for instance, many popular blogs take a humorous or a snarky approach to a common subject, separating them from the masses.

Proper writing can also help with search engine optimization - if you misspell your keywords, you won't find traffic to be increasing as much as you might like.

If your goal is to publish your work on more prominent online magazines and websites, then quality is of the utmost importance. These magazines still maintain the same quality standards as traditional print magazines and journals.

If the writing in question is associated with your real name, or easy to find from a web page with your real name, it could impact your offline life. More and more employers are Googling potential employees and taking a look at their online presence. Presenting yourself in a professional manner and showcasing your best writing can only help. In the literary world, many agents and editors also search for writers who submit to them. Incoherent writing does not reflect well upon the author.

Don't let the prevalence of poor writing and textspeak affect the quality of your writing online. Take the time to practice and improve your work. Happy writing!

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