Sunday, May 25, 2014

How Keyword Research Can Help You Connect to Readers

Internet content writers are frequently looking for ways to improve their search engine optimization, or SEO.  Many writers turn to keyword research to boost their location on search engines and connect with new readers.  Keyword research can improve not only the traffic to your website, but the quality of your content and the number of backlinks developed.  Keyword research may even give you new ideas that can be interlinked with the content that you have already created.

Benefits of Keyword Research

  • Improve search engine rankings.  Optimizing the keywords on your website can help your content appear closer to the top of the list when a user searches.  Look for keywords with low competition and use them several times throughout the article.  Many SEO experts suggest using the best keywords near the top of the article, in the title, and even in the URL if possible.  Strong keywords should also be used in subheadings throughout the article as well.
  • New readers.  Not everyone who is attempting to find content similar to yours will type the same keywords into a search engine.  By diversifying your keywords, you may catch readers who you previously wouldn’t.  As an added bonus, changing up your word choice leads to a more interesting article.  Too many writers attempt to maximize their SEO by repeating the same keywords over and over.  Creative word choice can both help catch new users and keep them interested in what you have to say.
  • Increased traffic and backlinks.  As your website or blog is found by more readers, they may recommend your work to friends or post links on their own websites.  This is one of the reasons that good content is the most important factor in developing traffic.
  • Know the competition.  Keyword research tools allow you to see how much competition there is online for specific terms.  For example, by looking up “Keyword Research” on a keyword research tool, you will find that there is low competition for the number of web pages available, and over 90,000 monthly searches on the subject.  By understanding what your competitors are writing about, you can determine what areas to target and be the most successful in connecting with new readers.

Keyword Research Techniques

There are many free resources available to writers, webmasters, and bloggers who want to research keywords to improve their search engine listings and potentially attract new users.  Google AdWords contains a keyword research tool which is one of the best free keyword research products available on the web, due to Google’s status as the largest search engine available.  To use the Google Keyword Tool, log onto Google Adwords and click on “Reporting and Tools.” 

Webmasters and content creators can then enter a key term for the subject that they want to write about, and Google will provide a list of related terms.  These new terms may include alternate ways to phrase the keywords, similar topics, or expanded variations of the keyword.  Webmasters can then look at the amount of competition available, the number of monthly searches, or other factors that may help them determine which keywords would be the best choices for their content.

Writers who are interested in maximizing the ad revenue that they receive can also use this tool effectively.  There is a column available that will show the average CPC, or cost per click, of ads using this keyword.  Websites or blogs using Google Ads to develop revenue will earn a portion of this revenue every time a visitor clicks on one of their ads.  Both high value and low value ads can have importance on a website, depending on how often they might be clicked.


Researching keywords before writing an article is a great way to reach out to new readers, increase ad revenue, and improve placement on search engines.  Search engine traffic is still one of the largest ways that web users find new content.  However, once you get them to your site, you have to maintain their interest.  Ultimately, writing the type of content that people want to read is more important than all the keyword research tools available in connecting with people.

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